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As you must know by now that your stand mixer can perform a wide variety of tasks and is not limited to just preparing cakes, pies, bread, etc. anymore. You can use your stand mixer to cut vegetables or juice fruits, you can use it to make pasta, ice cream and so on.

While you can perform a variety of tasks with your stand mixer, it is essential that you have the right attachments for these tasks.
So, we have compiled a list of the 5 must-have stand mixer attachments that every baker/cook should have in their kitchen:


One of the most basic and useful stand mixer attachment which everyone should own is the juicer stand mixer attachment which will do as its name suggests, juice fruits and vegetables.

Since more people have started switching to a healthy breakfast which includes fruit/vegetable juice, a juicer attachment seems like the perfect equipment to ensure that you get fresh juice every day.

This attachment is super easy to use and requires just 15-20 minutes to provide you with a delicious glass of juice. Apart from juices, you can also use this attachment for preparing sauces, creams, and so on.

Ice Cream Maker

Do you love ice cream? Then, you absolutely need to buy this stand mixer attachment for your home. An Ice cream maker attachment can be used in the summer to prepare a new flavored ice cream every day and control a number of ingredients that go into your ice cream.

You can also prepare a healthy and fat-free ice cream for yourself in just half an hour! This type of stand mixer attachment allows you to make 2-quarts of ice cream in every hour, ensuring that you don’t run out of ice cream ever!

Food Processor

One of the most important stand mixer attachments that everyone should own is the food processor which is capable of shredding, dicing, slicing, etc. your fruits and vegetables.

This makes your cooking quicker and easier and you can focus on preparing other things while the stand mixer cuts up the vegetables and fruits for you. This attachment also makes it easier to clean as it can be dumped in a dishwasher.


Another essential stand mixer attachment that one should have is the slicer/shredder which is really helpful for grating cheese, vegetables, etc. for your pizza and salads. You can also slice your vegetables with the help of this attachment and then fry it, making your job easier and quicker.

Pasta Maker

A lot of us love eating pasta and while store-bought pasta is easy and less time-consuming, it can never compete with fresh homemade pasta. While making pasta at home could seem cumbersome, the stand mixer pasta attachment can really make your job easier and simpler.

You will find that a pasta maker attachment will not only roll the dough and cut it but it can also make shaped pasta. In fact, KitchenAid has pasta attachments that can make spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, and so on.

Want to See these attachments in action? Check out the video below


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