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Whose advice are you more likely to take consider when making a buying decision, your friends or the celebrity paid in crores to talk a few lines about your brand? Most likely, friends and that’s why influencer marketing has become popular with the advent of social media.

These influencers are just common people like us with a full-time job, striving hard to earn their daily bread but with a creative mind and eye for content that keeps people engaged and coming back for more. And thus they are just as effective as any celebrity. Don’t believe us? Check out these stats.

“Did you know about 65%-70% of people solely bank on social media referrals? Also, about 80% of sales made through YouTube are due to the impact of influencers?”

When partnered with the right people you can 10x your profits and in this part we’ll tell you how to reach out to food bloggers and Instagrammers.

Bring your brand to life

At times getting influencers to promote your product has to be more than just sending them freebies. The best influencers can only be convinced by letting them live the experience.

Confused? Invite the best influencers over to your bakery to enjoy the best delicacies. In turn, they will be sharing their experience through status updates, images, videos and may even do a live session along with relevant hashtags.

Tarte Cosmetics is an ideal example of how this works. It’s social media campaign with influencers resulted in their post receiving over 40k likes in under 2 months.

Focus on the right social media platform

We doubt if anybody on LinkedIn is looking for the best bakery. For the best results, you’ve got to lay focus on influencers on the best platforms. You guessed it, Instagram and YouTube (no wonder we’ve been mentioning them so often). Not far behind them are Facebook and Twitter.

Plan a giveaway

If you’re looking to boost engagement on your brand, there’s no easier way than a free giveaway after all who doesn’t love free stuff?  Get your influencer talking about and promoting the giveaway rather than about a product or your bakery.

While the free stuff acts as a motivation for the followers to participate in the giveaway, they also learn about your brand and will keep an eye for similar opportunities in the near future.

And if you’re clever to entice the participants to share it further or create fresh content you can get access to a whole new set of followers.

A similar tactic was used by Marzetti to promote their salad dressing with influencers creating their own salad recipes. The competition had a reach of about 60 million with about 6000 entries (jaw-dropping, isn’t it? That’s the power of social media).

Give the power to the influencers

There’s a reason these influencers have so many followers and yes, once again we’re we circle back to content. Now while you know plenty about baking, plating, running the whole bakery sometimes you may be overly business-minded for your own good.

On the other hand, for influencers, their followers are their lifelines and thus understand better how to reach out to them. Let the influencer’s creativity flow when it comes to content and trust us they might spring a rabbit out of the hat.

Furthermore, according to studies to strict a guideline on content might force influencers to reject any future collaboration approach. The perfect example of this is the AXE ad by comedian Anthony Padilla (a must watch).

Make influencer marketing a long term strategy

If you’ve got a traveler friend (don’t we all these days?) I am sure you have seen a few of them jumping with joy and making posts on Instagram etc. about the new Daniel Wellington Watch? Believe it or not, this watch brand has made over $250 million through just influencer marketing they started way back in 2015.

But why has this worked so well for them? That’s because they simply didn’t abandon it after their first million. They stuck to it, trusted it and are now enjoying it’s long term benefits and so can you and your bakery.

To help you jump-start your influencer marketing campaign we listed the top 5 food bloggers and Instagram influencers in India you can connect with right away.

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