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Like a carpenter needs the drill and other power tools, a baker also needs certain tools that make life easier by increasing productivity and reducing wastage. These can range from mixers, ovens, icing bags to even turntables. But you need to buy everything at once.

Below we listed some of the most valuable baking tools for a beginner. Get accustomed to these, build your skills and then you can upgrade further.

1. Icing bag

If you are looking for something on the cheap, these plastic icing bags by Happy Chef are ideal. You get about 100 icing bags for less than Rs. 200.

But keep in mind that these piping bags cannot be washed and reused. So if that is what you were going for then this 32pc set by KaCool is perfect for you.

Not only does it include reusable plastic piping bags but also comes with 3 scrapers and a set of nozzles each of which is dishwasher-safe.

2. Oven Thermometer

Like measurements, temperature also plays an important role in baking. Now, keep in mind, the temperature on the inside of the oven is never as you set it. Why?

Because every time you open the oven for checking on the cake and cookies, you let out some of the heat. This is why for accurate temperature reading we recommend bakers to use an oven thermometer like the Generic OVTH Thermometer.

Not only will the thermometer display accurate readings of the inside temperature but its stainless steel build also gives excellent durability as it can withstand a high amount of heat.

It is also pretty compact and thus easy to put anywhere into the oven without sacrificing on a lot of space.

3. Rolling pin

To roll out the fondant or dough you will need a rolling pin that covers every inch of the dough.

You also have the option of going for a rolling pin with handles at the end or a one-piece pin. If you are a professional and have to roll out fondant and dough on a regular basis you will find a pin with handles comfortable to use.

And the reason we recommend silicone rolling pins like this one is because they do not let the dough stick to it which makes them easier to clean and reduces wastage.

If you are new to baking, this one-piece rolling pin with a special silicone mat should help you get the job done without creating a mess.

4. Silicone Muffin Set

If you make a lot of muffins and cupcakes, this silicone muffin baking set is a blessing in disguise because unlike most sets this one can be reused.

Yup, the set saves the cost of having to purchase additional disposable muffin sets and can be dumped into the dishwasher for an easy and quick clean.

Taking out the cupcakes and muffins after baking is also hassle-free and does not require any kind of greasing either.

The pack comes with 12 cups each of which can withstand temperatures as high as 500-degrees F and is odor and stain resistant giving you fresh, hearty muffins in each use.

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