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3 Best Professional Bakery Courses in Delhi

For any beginner baker in India, the biggest challenge is becoming a certified professional baker capable of challenging at the very top. Why? Because finding premium baking schools isn’t all that easy.

Don’t get us wrong, there are quite a few baking schools where you learn to bake basic cakes, cupcakes, etc. but not many offer professional-grade courses that teach you the in and out of running and managing a bakery kitchen or home baking business.

But for Delhiites, this search is about to become a breeze. Why?

Well, our experts did all the research work for you and listed the best bakery courses in Delhi for 2020 where you can get international-level education without having to spend every rupee in the bank.

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi 2020

1) Truffle Nation (Baking Classes in South Delhi)

TruffleNation aims to bring a massive change in the way baking classes in Delhi work in order to make learning more interactive and detailed. Here’s all you should know about them.

TruffleNation Rating
Professional courses on the cheap
Become a master at marketing a baking business
Hands-on classes
You can also enroll for weekend batches
All courses are available as eggless
located about a kilometer from the Saket Metro
Smaller batches
Pay diploma fee in installments
Seats in batches run out quickly

The Good

Many of the baking classes in Delhi, especially the short-term ones are packed with students and mostly, only show you how to bake. While theoretically, that’s right, practically, they miss out on the point (nobody saw videos and became a professional).

TruffleNation aims to bring a change to this with its hands-on approach to learning where you are taught to handle commercial ovens, mixers, turntables, and other equipment by industry experts as you mix and bake.

Their teachers hail from some of the best 5-stars hotels in the country such as Taj Vivanta and with one trainer looking after just 4-5 students means you get special attention and guidance where needed.

When it comes courses there are plenty of options to choose from but the pick of the courses are the Diploma and Certification courses. The courses that not only make you a baking wizard but an entrepreneur. How?

Well, their in-depth marketing training. These sessions will include learning more about marketing research, competitor analysis, brand creating, running ads and so on. Also, part of the course is sessions on pricing all baked items, packing them for durability, restoring the items you can, staffing.

And the help doesn’t just end with your course. TruffleNation promises to stand by you forever. Yup, give them a call 5 years later and they will still help you out as you are there.

But if you do not want to go in full-time, you can also get their modules separately and start with just learning cookies or cupcakes. Plus, you can opt for weekend classes as well.

At the end of your professional courses, you will have all the help needed to find jobs and internships. In fact, top diploma students might even be offered an internship at TruffleNation which is a great learning experience on how to run and manage a live kitchen.

All the courses and pocket-friendly.  For example, the Diploma will cost just Rs, 2,75,000 for 4-months in total which is about 2-3 lacs cheaper than some other schools in Delhi (in short, it is a bargain).

Missed the class due to sickness? Or was there a family issue that needed your attention? No problem, they understand and will make sure you get the class in a different batch.

Lastly, for any Delhiite, the metro is a lifeline when it comes to commuting, right? Well, TruffleNation is about a kilometer away from the Saket metro so reaching for your class on time should be no trouble.

The Bad

I already told you they keep their batches small and this means you will have to act quickly and book your place as the seats are limited and full up in a flash especially for the Diploma batch.

2) ASSOCOM Institute of Bakery Technology & Management

AIBTM is another budget option with a variety of courses to offer for aspiring bakers living close to Greater Noida and also students coming from outside of Delhi.  Here’s are their pros and cons.

AIBTM Rating
The Good
Get on-campus hostel facilities
Campus has a library and kitchen for practice
Hands-on training
Part-time Evening course for those busy at work
Diploma course comes with business planning lessons
The Bad
Traveling to Greater Noida is hard
Business planning lessons are not as detailed as Trufflenation

What we like

Moving to Delhi for your baking course? AIBTM will make the process seamless. That is because unlike other baking schools in India AIBTM provides hostel room on their campus.

For students on a low budget, there are triple sharing rooms. If you are coming in the month of May or June and think you cannot bear the heat, there are triple sharing AC rooms. And if you are someone that likes to read and learn in private, get single private as well.

Talking about reading and learning, to promote than,  there is also a library on the campus packed recipe books, baking guides, etc. There also laboratories and kitchen available for you to practice.

As for courses, their part-time evening courses in unique and perfect for office goers. Another unique course is the post-graduation in Patisserie and baking craft for anyone looking to further develop skills and add another certificate to their achievements.

There are also Diploma courses for newbies and a range of short term courses that you can look at especially if you are hesitant about going all in just yet.

Also, all training is hands-on with guest lectures, industrial visits a common theme with professional courses. Business planning is an added bonus.

As I mentioned above, they are also pretty cheap so if you are looking for quality education on a budget, they are another baking school in Delhi worth the consideration.


While business planning is part of the course, the marketing, etc. isn’t as detailed as at TruffleNation and there is no guarantee of assistance after your course.

Since Greater Noida is pretty from Delhi, traveling can be inconvenient and hostel charges are extra which adds to the overall expense.

3) Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts

On the hunt for the best bakery courses in Delhi, Gurgaon? Well, your search ends at APCA and here’s why I think so.

Academy of Pastry Arts India Rating
The Good
Winners of prestigious baking awards part of faculty
Most of your training is hands-on
Intern in Malaysia with advanced Diploma
Get weekend classes
The Bad
Their courses cost quite a bit
No marketing or food photography classes

What we like

Baking schools are often defined by two things, their faculty and their infrastructure and APCA impresses with both.

After all, when you hear that the gold medal winner in India Pastry Cup 2017 is a faculty, wouldn’t you be tempted right away?

That’s just one of them, they have other similar award winners as well. And if not that, the faculty still happens to have tons of experience in the hospitality industry to guide from a beginner to a pro.

APCA caters to all kinds of people. That means they have both full-time and part-time courses for culinary and pastry arts.

This also includes weekend classes for those that are pre-occupied with work or studies during the week and a dual course for that want to be a master at both.

Part of the advanced Diploma and Dual program is the opportunity to go and intern in Malaysia. This exposure will take your skills up a notch as you get to learn about entirely different cuisine.

As per the details provided on the website, training in APCA is 92% hands-on. You will learn to work with mixers, commercial ovens and the finest of ingredients

If you are moving to Delhi just for your courses, APCA can help you find accommodations and nearby by hostels and PGs that provide good food and are clean.